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Dressing (and packing) for vacation can be extremely stressful; Having a good time on your trip should take priority over looking perfect.

But then again you’re taking all these pictures, the same ones that you’ll be looking back at to remember the whole thing by, so it’s a B I G conundrum! I really hate to be bothered by my outfit at all while traveling (I just wanna relax & binge drink), so easy polished pieces like this romper are perfect. I actually bought Continue reading →


I’ve never been one to read a book by the pool when traveling, I’d much rather run around wild and explore as many new things as possible!

Which is exactly what I did on the second day of our trip, when I had more than a few “first-time” experiences at Borinquen Mountain Resort + Spa. The day started off early, and after the 1 1/2 hour drive up the mountain, we mounted two horses to trek the rest of the way up. The horses were so much Continue reading →


Today for the first time I’m showing you pictures of someone else: meet my dear friend Sara who was lovely enough to let me photograph her in this awesome outfit of hers! Sara has great taste in every area of life but I especially love her edgy, bohemian style when it comes to clothing. She always looks polished and effortless and ready for Continue reading →


Summer is the time to take your beauty routine to the next level in the best way- by simplifying everything.

As much as I love makeup and all things beauty, I do not like tan-colored sweat dripping off my face and onto my pretty white shorts! Summer is HOT where I live, easily diving into the 110 range at it’s peak. Even though I was born and raised here, you never really get used to it. These five products are lifesavers for California girls, or anyone who wants Continue reading →

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