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Today I’m going to post something a little different and I hope you dig it as much as I do. I’m going to start doing an “off-topic” post every now and then, so here’s my first. I found this letter under a bush last year, and I feel like it’s a great piece of writing to read. Being a shameless people watcher I love getting glimpses of people when they’re not expecting other eyes to be around. That aspect [or anything geniune, really] gives us a feeling that money simply cannot buy. Continue reading →


Vintage dresses come to life in full force with modern accessories. This juxtaposition has always intrigued me + inspired many, if not most of my looks. Going to yard sales with my parents + learning about vintage designer clothing, along with a need to be unique has made me value older things much more than shiny new ones. (well, unless we’re talking about these shoes) Continue reading →


Having a well organized and inspiring desk area is crucial to creating good work.

I’m big on my environment all the time, but when I’m being creative or brainstorming for the blog it’s even more important. I almost went without an office space since my studio is already so small, but my boyfriend convinced me it was a necessity and I’m really glad he did. It makes all the difference to sit down Continue reading →


Dressing (and packing) for vacation can be extremely stressful; Having a good time on your trip should take priority over looking perfect.

But then again you’re taking all these pictures, the same ones that you’ll be looking back at to remember the whole thing by, so it’s a B I G conundrum! I really hate to be bothered by my outfit at all while traveling (I just wanna relax & binge drink), so easy polished pieces like this romper are perfect. I actually bought Continue reading →

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