Pretty in Python


One of the perks of being a creative professional is the freedom to dress as fashionable as you’d like.

However, there’s clearly a guideline between what is appropriate and what will deter anyone from wanting to work with you or take you seriously. My advice? Invest in a great pencil skirt. Continue reading →

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Men’s swim shorts are one of my favorite things to slip on, especially for occasions like a last minute trip to the lake.

How did I even realize I randomly like to wear men’s swimming trunks, you may ask? By stealing my dad’s old pairs in high school, when my wardrobe was limited and I had to get creative. Continue reading →

Due to drop Sept. 14th, Joseph Altuzarra’s collab with Target has just become available to preview online. Let’s just say we’re the exact opposite of disappointed.

With high hopes, let’s review where you should spend the money you’re supposed to be saving for vacation, or christmas, or…whatever.  Continue reading →

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